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There is a lack of both federal and state funding for elementary science education improvement efforts. One example of this funding gap may be found in the area of teacher professional development. The following chart has been developed from information provided in the Critical Path Analysis of California's Science and Mathematics Teacher Preparation System, March 2007 (PDF, page 76) jointly developed by the California Council for Science and Technology and the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning.

Fed Fund Chart

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308,790 CA K-12 teachers; ~$2,200 per teacher for PD, ~equivalent of $32/teacher dedicated to science PD.

Notably, California State’s investment in the California Science Project has been significantly reduced by 75% since 2002-2003.

*Funds for "All Other Subjects" may sometimes be used for mathematics and science as well.
**Math & Science Partnerships funding estimates were made based upon information regarding existing CA Math Science Partnership programs as of Winter 2007.

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