Timelapse Archive

This page is currently being updated. We apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, please visit the Hall's YouTube channel to view our current timelapse archive and our previous timelapse collection.

Date Description Size
08-28-2007 Lunar eclipse in the morning. 9.6 MB
10-20-2004 Yet another beautiful day. 30.4 MB
08-11-2004 By special request, a day of great clouds. 26.6 MB
08-21-2003 Yet another beautiful day. 34.1 MB
04-23-2003 Watch rented goats graze away on the fire-fuel. 33.0 MB
12-14-2002 A full day of rainstorms. 24.8 MB
06-08-2002 Yet another beautiful day. 36.6 MB
05-20-2002 A beautiful stormy day. Presented by popular request. 34.3 MB
12-04-2001 Invasion of the FOG! in the afternoon. Rich colors peeking out from under stormclouds on the horizon at sunset. 16.9 MB
09-24-2001 The night of our rare lighning storm - we caught a bolt at 19:07! 17.3 MB
08-11-2001 Overhanging fog burns off to a lovely clear sky in the morning. Unusual 'Mackerel Sky' in the afternoon. 31.5 MB
08-04-2001 Lovely sequence of clouds coming in low over the coastal hills in the afternoon. A hand of fog comes in through the Golden Gate Brige to tickle the East Bay. 21.1 MB
04-01-2001 This movie shows a sequence of sunset moments, compiled from pictures aproximately a week apart, over the course of 6 months. The movement of the sun northward and southwards is apparent. 0.5 MB
02-25-2001 A short movie, focused on a lovely rainbow that moves across the houses of Berkeley. 1.1 MB
02-13-2001 A sunset special. 2.6 MB
02-13-2001 Fabulous clouds! Notice big puffy clouds forming in later morning, and two layers of clouds going completely different directions in the afternoon. Also look for a planet setting in the evening, either Jupiter or Venus. 24.3
11-04-2000 A beautiful sequence of the Hall progressively being soaked in with fog. You can see it start to creep in from out on the ocean. 15.3 MB
11-03-2000 Heavenly Lights - A Sun set, Venus set, UFO, and Moon set, all within a few hours. The UFO appears just before 19:00 - any ideas what it might be? 6.3 MB