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“Science instruction? The typical distribution in our county, a couple teachers love science and teach it, a few will teach because they feel they should, another few will pass out the science textbook and read from it, and some will sneak by without any science.”

- County-level Science Coordinator

“Our framework does not specify time for science as it does for English and Math. The district only fits in science if there’s time left over.”

- District Asst Superintendent

“Teachers are hungry for support but are also overwhelmed with the myriad of responsibilities they face.”

- District Office Staff

“The first thing we need is staff development; We need to spark the passion.”

District Office Staff

“It’s an interesting time to approach districts around science. We’re seeing they are much more receptive with the prospect of curriculum adoption and science assessment and we are getting more requests for help.”

- County Superintendent

“Public awareness in the community around this issue is critical to moving forces forward.”

- County Superintendent

“There are lots of people doing lots of things, but we need coordination in leveraging resources to make sure we are not duplicating efforts. We need leadership around this issue, someone that is trusted and respected so people can give up territory.”

- County Asst Superintendent of Curriculum

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