Are you a kid who likes to do experiments or play online games? A teacher who needs to add STEM to your favorite lesson plans? A parent or grandparent who wants to share more science fun with your family? An informal educator who plans to expand your site’s hands-on STEM programming? 24/7 Science has activities for all of you, from online games that teach, to curriculum-connected STEM activities, to hands-on fun for all ages!

Try your hand at virtual nanotechnology In activities from the Nanozone. Go outdoors to watch birds and find bugs, and discover the biodiversity of animals all around you. Fly to the moon with astronauts by watching Apollo mission videos. And read to discover the science of everyday life, in English and Spanish, with Mateo y Cientina.

These 24/7 Science activity collections and more let you learn and have fun with hands-on STEM anywhere, any time, whether you're on your own, at school or an out-of-school site, or with your friends and family. You’ll also find videos related to the activities, plus links to thousands of STEM activities from