The make-believe Planet Oobleck is covered with a strange substance – let’s investigate it!

Mix up a batch of Oobleck—it’s easy.

Click here to see the recipe for Oobleck.

Once you've made your batch of Oobleck, poke it, pour it, pull on it and see how it reacts.

Next let’s investigate Oobleck with some tools.

Gather some tools.

Use your tools to try these challenges:

Can you cut Oobleck? What happens?
What things float in Oobleck? Can you make them sink?
What things sink in Oobleck? Can you make them float?
What happens if you try to bounce things on Oobleck?
When you're all done with this step, go on to the ONLINE DESIGN CHALLENGE.

Remember, Oobleck is a make-believe planet that is covered with Oobleck. Can you design a spaceship that could land on the planet, collect a sample of Oobleck, and return to Earth?

Based on what you learned in your tool challenges, pick elements of your design from the choices below, for an online version of the spaceship! After you have made all your design choices, hit ENGINEER to see a picture of what your spaceship would look like.

You can also build your own model spaceship with the materials and tools you just used in your Oobleck investigation.

My spaceship would have —
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