6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Dinner, awards, and auction
7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Gala Honorary Chair

Shantanu Narayen
CEO, Adobe Systems

Gala Co-Chairs

Charlie Baxter
Jinee Tao
Jasmine Tarkoff
Rob Tarkoff

The Evening-Saturday may 8, 2010

Lawrence Hall of Science investigates, creates, and evaluates educational materials and methods, professional development programs, and hands-on learning experiences for our science center, schools, communities, and homes.

We develop programs that engage across the learning continuum—from simple curiosity to deep understanding. And our programs are proven effective in any environment, from informal to after school to formal K–12 classrooms.

Since the Hall opened to the public in 1968, learning by doing has been core to all our programs. And while more must be done in our schools, communities, and homes to attract young people to science and technology and retain their interest and involvement, the impact of the Hall is significant. We are the number one provider of science education outreach in the Bay Area and a national leader in science education. Every year we engage some 550,000 students and adults with exhibits and educational programs from our science center. LHS-developed science and math curriculum reaches at least 25 percent of our nation's elementary students at some point in their schooling. And we also serve 20,000 teachers annually through regional, national, and international workshops and programs.

The average child in a Bay Area elementary school receives less than one hour per week of science education. The rest of the country is scarcely better off. Our goal is to ensure that every American child gets at least five hours per week of great science learning, both in and out of school.

The biannual Gala is the Hall's most important fund-raising event and an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful contributions of our partners and supporters that enable the vital work of the Hall to continue.

2010 Advisory Council

Proud supporters of science education

  • James R. Moore, Jr,Chair
  • Robert Albo, Jr.
  • Sharon Baab
  • Stephen C. Beck
  • Louie Ehrlich
  • Roger W. Falcone
  • Anne F. Grodin
  • Mary Henderson
  • Paul Hertelendy
  • Joyce M. Hicks, Esq.
  • Thomas E. Horton
  • Basheer Janjua
  • Steve Lawrence
  • C. Michael Lederer
  • Ken Lutz
  • Gary M. Masada
  • John D. Meyer
  • Helen R. Meyer
  • Ann Baxter Perrin
  • Michael Randall
  • John R. Robbins
  • Kevin Saavedra
  • Jinee Tao
  • Jasmine Tarkoff
  • Robert Tarkoff
  • Neil Tuller
  • Richard Woodward